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Muriel Salvan

I"m self-taught artist, I have always drawn for as long as I can remember.
A good student with a Cartesian mind, I studied science without ever stopping to practice painting and drawing.
This was necessary for my balance, it allowed me to discover that painting helped me to express my emotions, my states of mind, to free my imagination; since then I have endeavoured to discover more, develop my plastic vibrations and improve my drawing technique linking eye and hand.
I work from a precise starting point, maybe a black and white photo, a message or an emotion, and very often an image, an animal remembered from childhood... and I let my graphics, my colours, my materials and my inner energy speak for themselves. I approach each painting on the basis of the emotion of the moment and I advance by successive visions; when I draw or paint, I tell myself stories and curves, solids and voids, colours appear... That's how the painting is buitl. Once it is finished, each piece arouses in me a real emotion even after years when I look at it again.
Quatrième says: charcoal + pastel + talent, an immediate favourite.

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