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Catherine Bernet

Felt artist, Brittany, France

Catherine Bernet atelier Bernet.jpg

Felters choose their wools like cabinetmakers choose their woods, on technical and aesthetic criteria, and according to their own affinities. I explore the beautiful diversity of European wools: Bergschaf, Gotland, Noire du Velay, Ouessant, Blue Faced Leicester, Manx Loaghtan, Wenselydale.
And then there's water, the heart and the invisible hand, without which nothing could happen. And sometimes silk, paper and linen. Felt is wool, water and movement. The alchemy of fibres, their transformative properties, the tactile nature of the process, are an integral part of my artistic vision. An organic, intimate and entangled process, an permanent conversation. 
The inspiration? The work of Ann Tiné, and words, the reflection of the moon on the sea, a building, a piece of fabric, people, events, things seen, experienced, felt, dreamt, and all the worlds that surround me, real or imagined, near or far.

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