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Arthur Frenoy

Arthur Frenoy began modelling lessons at the age of twelve. After his A-levels, he took the traditional route and enrolled at ESSCA, a business school. Sculpture was already his passion, but it didn't seem to him to be a feasible profession. He changed his mind during his gap year when he crossed New Zealand on foot (Te Araroa walk). While he was climbing mountains on the other side of the world, the idea of becoming a sculptor no longer seemed so absurd. On his return, he enrolled in the evening classes at the Beaux-Arts in Paris to continue his apprenticeship. A year later, following a solitary trek to Ladakh in the Himalayas, he decided to change direction. In 2020, with his diploma in hand and two years' experience under his belt, he left Paris to make his plans a reality.
Arthur turned his gaze towards what had inspired him for so many years, Nature, and a mode of expression that matched his thinking: abstraction. One material immediately caught his eye: wood, a noble and living material. Stumps, trunks, branches, burls, roots... He hollows out the surfaces, sands them down, streaks them, burns them with a blowtorch and applies gold leaf. He simplifies the lines, refines the silhouettes, hollows out the material to exacerbate the tension and force present in each volume, or on the contrary, to create a harmonious and soothing form.

His studio is located in the middle of a property lost in the woods in the Livradois-Forez park, and also serves as his home. It's a haven of peace that provides the conditions she needs to bring her artistic vision to life. The surrounding woods provide the raw material needed to create his works.

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