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Sandrine Plante

photo AEB Quatrième_Sandrine Plante.jpg

Sandrine Plante tells the story of forced transhumance. Superimposed on the historical truth is her empathy, sympathy and compassion for the involuntary: you have to understand the other person, but also suffer with them and finally take action. A figurative sculptor, she works within her means: trained in France and Italy, she creates pieces that are remarkable for their unequivocal ‘see me, look at me’ message. Depending on the subject and the sensibility, this is the opportunity for a confrontation, an encounter or a connivance that leads from blind knowledge to dazzled recognition, and the frequent choice of a 1:1 scale leaves the viewer no possibility of escaping a human gaze of equals. 
Her characters emerge from her imagination alone, fed by a dedicated and informed memory consciousness. She wants to remember the past in order to better alert the present, and to give voice to constraint as well as freedom.
Her aim is to reach out to the community as well as the individual, and the originals of her terracotta pieces are destined for museums and places of remembrance, while the public can purchase numbered resin or bronze copies.
Born in the Puy de Dôme in 1974 to a mother from Auvergne and a father from Reunion, Sandrine Plante now divides her time between Paris and the United States, where places of remembrance seek her out and exhibit her work.

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