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Charlotte Rodon

Exercez votre raison et allez jusqu'à l'émerveillement

I contemplate, I draw, I narrate, I celebrate the living. I create images that try to reconnect the self to its natural environment as well as to itself. Drawing, as a gesture, a form of representation and expression, leads me to express the energies of the living. The random interplay of water and ink on paper alters the limits of scientific knowledge and truth intended by the naturalism of drawing. These images defy our reason and take us to the point of wonder, the elusive, the invisible. 

The paper or the projection medium of the videos are the only limits of the image. No end is announced. Nothing is fixed, everything is in perpetual movement.  Infinity distorts our reference points, alters our reasoning. It makes us dizzy. Knowledge must lead human beings to open up to what is beyond them. Art and science allow us to be humbled by the complexity and power of nature.

Quatrième  says: art and science meet, recognise each other andrespectively speak for both.

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