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"Lose yourself, find yourself in my immersive worlds, my bewitched and supernatural landscapes beyond my abstract thoughts"

My world of work is part of a poetic framework linked to time and matter. Although I like volume, sculpture and installation, my main practice remains painting, to which I feel closer. The universe that I am looking for is created with a material that I use in the form of drips and "modeling" on my canvas. By nature to experiment a lot on different materials, always looking for organic and delicate forms, I was able to draw inspiration, for example, from metal and its oxidation, stone and waterways, mineral elements, forms that I can observe in the city and nature, and sensations that cross me in the middle of these elements. Minerality has a very important place in my work: I use it and modify it to give it weight, presence and material to transform it and make it evolve: to live.

My gestures are not thought out upstream, chance and the moment T have their place. The influence of my experiments, my experiences and what lives in me is omnipresent at every step. The accumulation of layers of paint, of gestures, accentuates the living, moving character of my work. I started by painting on stretched canvas then, while keeping this device, I decided to use recycled canvases to keep this idea of "infinite history" and continuous evolution.

My reflection is also directed towards the realization of my own frames with canvas as a base, recoveries of fabrics that I stretch afterwards and invest in painting in order to make them less "rigid".

I like the idea of sharing, through my painting, universes, strange and fantastic worlds letting escape immersive abstract landscapes in which you can let your soul, your imagination vibrate, venture towards inner daydreams the time for a look.

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